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How to Sell on Fiverr

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What is Fiverr? This would be an important question in your mind if you are not familiar to Fiverr or a new beginner. In short Fiverr is a freelance platform where you can sell your services to make money from home.

As you are new to Fiverr platform, you might be thinking about what jobs you can find on Fiverr to make some money for yourself. You might have a question in mind that you possibly don’t have any good skills to get Fiverr Jobs.

Today, I am going to provide you with some Fiverr Ideas, that will explain to you guys how to sell on Fiverr.  So here are the Top Ideas for Fiverr Jobs to Make Money on Fiverr.

Fiverr Logo Design

Whenever someone is going to start a new business, the logo design is their first priority, as the logo is the representation of their business.  So, if you have got some design skills, it’s your chance to win some of the great Fiverr Jobs related to logo design and convert your skill into your daily life earnings.

With logo design, you can easily make around $50 to $100 per logo. Keep in mind this all depends upon your past works, your reviews, and your expertise.

Infographic Maker

Being an Infographic creator is another amazing Fiverr gig. With help of this gig, you can start to make money in no time. For infographics, you don’t need to know much about Photoshop or Illustrator. There are a bunch of online tools that can help you in getting the job done. Top of the list is “Canva“.

As per earnings, a single gig can make you around $20 to $40. There are about 2000 sellers as Infographics Creator, and almost everyone has got related orders.  These stats show that it is one of the trending services people are looking for.

Social Media Community Manager

There are a lot of brands, business, public figures who are looking for such people who can manage there social media pages like posting, commenting and support management. If you are going to create such a gig on Fiverr, It can become one of the best seller gigs on Fiverr in a little time.  We daily spend a lot of time on social media, so why not use that time on social media to make some money?

Since this type of services doesn’t demand a high level of skills, so earnings can be around $50 to $100 per page.

Social Media Marketing

Linking back to Social Media Community Manager, being a social media marketer is a different kind of Job. Create social pages, promoting websites or products on social media, getting more followers, creating brand awareness can be one of the effective Fiverr gig ideas to earn a handsome amount per month. As we know there a lot of people over social media, so brand/businesses are looking for social media marketing experts to promote their products.

Having a social media marketing Fiverr gig, you can charge around $30 to even $250 per gig. Keep in mind that this is only your hiring budget against your Fiverr gig. The marketing budget has to provide separately by the person who has hired you.

Design Facebook Cover Photo

Have a good looking facebook cover photo is like having a first impression for any to facebook business page. Designing a Facebook cover photo is also becoming on the top-selling gigs, for the reason a lot of brands, business or startups look for professionals who are able to design Facebook cover photo. As social media is nowadays a great platform to gain most of the customers.

If we talk about the earnings, you can make around $20-$50 per photo. 

Design Business Cards

Business card design is another hot selling Fiverr gig. If you have got some skills related to designs, you can a lot of Fiverr Jobs. You can also find great templates for free online to can show them to your buyers to chose from. Edit them as per there needs and there you go.

In terms of earnings, you can make around $50 to $ 80 with such kind of Fiverr gig.

Whiteboard Animation

It is another skill people are looking for. As it does not takes much time to develop such kind of skill, so you are able to learn quickly and get to make some money.  As far as earnings concerned, you can charge around $10 to $20 for a 10-second video.

Article Writing or Content Creation

If we say that article writing or content creation could be the most demanding skills, we won’t be wrong. If you go a search for this niche, you may find out it would be on top. For the reason, there are a lot of websites and blogs coming out nowadays, so owners of the websites are looking for such people who can write a good article or create some content for their websites.

If we talk about earning, you can charge around $50 to $80 for 1000 words.

Search Engine Optimization

Without any doubt, SEO is one of the core services that everyone needs in the online world. Having a great SEO can help you list your business, website or blog on top of the list in search engines and ability to reach more people for Free. So if you have got some SEO skills, get them online, make a Fiverr gig to get some good money for yourself.

As far as earnings are concerned, it would be a bit difficult to sort out what to charge. But on average, people at Fiverr are charging around $100 minimum. But that totally depends up what SEO related services you have to offer.

WordPress Troubleshooting, Installation or Development

Having such a Fiverr gig that offers WordPress related services, can do some great job for you. There a lot of websites that are on WordPress. Just for the sake, not only on Fiverr but on many other platforms, WordPress related services are quite in demand.

If you have got skill related to WordPress, go and make a Fiverr Gig for WordPress services. The earnings depend on the kind of task. For example for simple theme installation and basic page setup, you can charge around $50. As you in demand services increases, you can increase your rates.


As Fiverr is a home for micro jobs,  so you are in tough competition against all other sellers. Whatever gig ideas you pick from above, you need to master the skills. Moreover, writing a better gig description matters a lot as it is representing the service you are selling. Your Fiverr profile also needs to updated on regular basis. Make sure you are not making the common profile mistakes or else you will down in the competition. Make sure you only sell the services you are good in. Making a gig for the services you are not good at won’t take you anywhere.


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Happy Freelancing…!!


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