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Facebook was started back in 2004 as a social media platform for universities. But soon it was available for the public use as well. In 2007 Facebook launched its new service call Facebook Fan Page to interact with your fans in a new way. Facebook is a platform with 2 billion active users. This figure has attracted a lot of business to use Facebook as a marketing platform and Facebook Pages serve an important role.

In 2007 when page admins used to post something they could expect that it would reach to almost all of page fans. Since the active user number and amount of content being post daily has increased dramatically over years, it has effected the organic traffic for the pages.

According to the stats, organic reach for page post was about 16% in 2014 and it has dropped to 6.5% over years. It was recorded to a minimum value of 2% by 2016. There could be many reasons behind this, the great amount of content being posted to the Facebook News Feed algorithms.

It’s a great challenge for Facebook page admins to sustain the organic traffic. Here we will discuss about different ways that we can sustain the organic visibility of the posts.

Engaging Content

This point may not be as helpful as it needs to be, but still creating an engaging content will grab user attentions. You need to create posts in such a way that you get some likes, comments or shares. So automatically you come in loop hole of organic traffic when people start sharing your posts. You need to target the users interest mainly to get some original engagements. Try to read your insights, use them to figure out what types of post people are engaging too, what time of the more users had interacted with your page.

Other best ways to create an engaging content is to view your competitors page, what they are posting, how are they are engaging the users. For this purpose Facebook provides you an option called “Page to Watch“. By using this option you can do complete analysis and it helps you create more engaging content. For using this option you need to have 100 Likes on your facebook page. This option can be activated from going to Insights by selecting overview from the options and scroll down to end of the page. Under your Recent posts you will find an option pages to watch.

Quality Content

Most of the time we believe that if put more content on Facebook pages, we are likely to engage more users. It maybe true, but what matters is the quality of the content you are posting. You should provide you fans with something that is more valuable to them. For a reason that if your content is quality compromised you may lose your fans. Facebook algorithms surface more video content, so you must come up with some good quality (something valuable) videos. Its likely to engage more users.

Post Optimization

Most of you maybe haven’t noticed this option. But whenever you make a post you find an option to select your audience to whom you want to make your post visible.

By using this option you are always able to chose your preferred audience for the post. If this option isn’t visible on your page while posting, you can always enable this option from Page Setting by enabling Audience Optimization for Posts.

People with different interests are always on your page. So there might be a chance that some of posts you make are not preferable post for some audience and your post might be visible to those people. So using this option you can select the interested audience and also restrict some audience. By doing this the content you share starts to show up to interested audience and they might start engaging with your content.

Invite People to Like Page

Whenever some engagements are made on your page by the people, you can always invite them to like your page. You can see the people who liked your post and if they are not already on your page you can always invite them to like.

You will find out how many people engaging with your post have liked your page and how many haven’t. You can always invite the people to like your page who are most likely to interested in your stuff. This may increase your organic traffic.

Mention a Page

You can always mention a page in your own posts. The people who like the mentioned page in your post are most likely to see your posts. This trick may increase your organic reach. Make sure you always mention a relevant page in order to get somehow interested audience.

Testing Content

Being a digital marketer, you will always need to make new strategies to market your product or services. So play around with your posts. Try to post videos, images, text, live broadcasts onto your page in different ways. Using insights try to analyze what type of content user is likely to engage most. Doing Test posts could also help you increase your organic reach.

That’s all folks! Using these tips you might be able to grow some of your organic reach instead of going for paid reach at start. You are in a war with many other page on Facebook. You have to be a great keyboard worrier and a sharp thinker to target your potential audience. Try to get your audience engaged with your brains. Valuable content is the key to success.

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