Kotlin-An Emerging Language for Android Apps

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Back on September 23, 2008, when Android was first launched in the market, Java had been one the leading languages for the developers to develop Android Applications. Java has got a long history, but recently we have seen another emerging language coming up in the market to develop the Android Apps. It’s called Kotlin and it’s gaining a great importance within Android development circle, that it might reach top 20 programming languages. Here I am going to give a brief idea about Kotlin and why it’s getting so much importance.

Hello to Kotlin

Kotlin is an open source development language that is based on JVM. It has been brought into the market by the Russian based JetBrains developers. As of now, Kotline has become the part of Android Studio Version 3.0. Its been 20 long years Java has been holding on to the market and for sure its only because of the features and functionalities it has been providing through the time, otherwise, it’s never possible to stay that long into the market. But we cannot ignore the aging factor of Java, and that where Kotlin comes to actions.

It’s a new, advanced, modern and dedicated programming language for Android App development offering the great number of resources. Here are few benefits that can be obtained from Kotlin if opted.


Have you ever gone through a condition, where you have the same project but two different development languages coexist?  Well with Kotlin, this is possible. While utilizing Kotlin, you don’t have to change to an alternate project or no compelling reason to change the current code. You can easily utilize the features offered by it and make the application dev process less demanding.

Less Coding

Have you ever thought why you need to write 100 lines fo the code, while that task can also be done simply in fewer lines of code? In Java, to perform few operations, you might need to write 50 lines of code, whereas, in Kotlin, you can do the same task in fewer lines of code. Can be good reason Android Developers have gone crazy over Kotlin.

Easy to Learn

One amazing fact about Kotlin is that its a lot easier to learn and understand. You can easily get through it using the reference list available. It has got an easy to understand syntax and is more like Java. If you have got skills in Java already, Kotlin is a piece of cake for you.

Safe and Secure

Working with Kotlin can be a lot less frustrating than other development languages. Have you ever encountered Null Pointer Exception? And got frustrated sorting out? Well, Kotlin does it for you now. It auto casts the mistakes.

Zero Adoption Cost

The term ‘free’ or ‘zero cost’ effortlessly catch the eye of individuals! Kotlin would not baffle the clients for this situation too. How? All things considered, this is an open source language. Consequently, you would not need to spend a solitary penny to get it. Essentially get a converter instrument that can change over all the current Java records into Kotlin and that is it! You are good to go, to begin with, this great top of the line language.

Despite the fact that Kotlin is picking up its prominence in the market in an exponential route, for the fledglings in the Android application advancement field, it is constantly fitting to begin the learning procedure with Java.

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