How to Run Ads on LinkedIn for your Company Page

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LinkedIn is one of the most famous professional social platforms that operate via websites and mobile apps. It is mainly used for professional networking, including employers posting jobs and job seekers posting their CVs.

Let’s suppose you are running a business and you want to increase your sales or provide your services to you most common clients, or you might want to advertise for a Job on Linkedin through your company page, LinkedIn Advertising works best here. You might be thinking on how you can run ads on LinkedIn to increase your engagement in the online world.

Today we will go step by step in order to understand how to run ads on LinkedIn for your Company Page.

Heads up! If you don’t know how to create a page on LinkedIn, here a little guide to do that.

Step 1:

Visit your company page on LinkedIn. This will be your Admin view as shown below in my company page.


Step 2:

Scroll around your page onto the post you would link to sponsor on LinkedIn. You would see on each post a link named as “Sponsor Post” as shown below.


Step 3:

Click on the Sponsor Now button, you will land into your Campaign Manager. In your campaign manager, you will see the list fo your Ads Account. If you don’t have an Ad Account you can always create one by clicking Create Account.
linkedin-campaign-managerCreating an account is quite easy. Just Click on the Create Account button. You will need to provide an Ad Account Name, select the default currency you would like to use to pay for ads, USD is a commonly used currency, and provide the link to your Company Page you want to link it with (this is optional and can be left blank).


Click “Save” to create your account. Once your account has been created, you can select the account from the list and create Campaign for that account as shown below.


Step 4:

Before you run the ads, the very next step is to create the campaign for your ads. The basic purpose to create campaign is to select your Objectives what you want to achieve with your ads. LinkedIn helps you with the following objectives.

  • Create your Brand Awareness.
  • Get Website visits to get more traffic to your website or blog or maybe if you a Freelancer you can redirect people to your Freelancing Profiles.
  • Increase the social engagement of people ion your Company Page.
  • Get more video views.
  • And it can also help you generate the Leads.
  • It can be best to advertise for Job Applications.

While creating a campaign you also select your best-targeted audience and set up the budget and timeline you want to run ads. 

Here is how you can create an Ad Campaign on LinkedIn. 

Once you have selected an ad account and Clicked on Campaign as described in step 3, you will see the following screen in front of you.


Click on “Create campaign” and you will land the following page that will help you select your,

  • Ads Objective.
  • Ads Location you want to Advertise at. As you select the location you will also see the number of people you will be targeting an amount of money you will be spending based on how long you run ads for.
  • Select your Audience to whom you want to advertise. You can choose them from the given list based on your interest or services that you provide.
  • Select your Ad format. It can be a single image Ad, a slide show with multiple images or video ads.
  • Select your Budget and Timeline you want to run ads for.

Step 5:

Once you are done with setting up your campaigns, click the Save and Next Button.  In the next phase, you will see a screen where you will select the content you want to advertise. You can select the existing content from your page posts. Click on browse “existing content”.


As you click on Browse Existing Content you will see a popup with list fo your existing posts. Select the post you would like to advertise. You can select the multiple posts as you like.


Step 6:

Once you are done selecting the content, you will just need to review your order. Click on the “Review order”. 


And that’s it. In the next steps, you will just need to provide your Credit Card Details for the payment of ads. If you have a Coupon you can apply the coupon code. LinkedIn mostly Offers Coupon code when advertising for the first time. You might get a coupon straight on the registered email address.

Here is a little guide to Understanding Facebook Ads Campaign, that will help you understand in case you want to run ads on Facebook as well. 

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