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Using Facebook for Business

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It’s 2019, and the world is moving fast. Social networks or social media websites are an important source that connects people around that world. Social media plays an important role in promoting your business to the world. Having an online social presence for your business can help you boost your sales.

Here is a little guide on how to create a Facebook Business page for yourself. For creating a Facebook business page, you must a Facebook account.

Step 1:

Head over your Facebook home page. Over the top bar, click on the create button and you will be shown up with 4 options. Click on the Page option to continue.


Step 2:

Select the type of Facebook page you would like to have. Since you are going to represent your Business or brand, choose the first option.


Step 3:

This step has to be done with great care. Fill in the name of your Brand or Business. Be very careful while you choose the category. As this category will be public and representing your brand or business to the people over social media.

An example has been shown below. Fill in the other information as required and click Continue.

facebook business account

Step 5:

The next setup is uploading a profile picture. Profile picture can your business or brand logo.

upload profile picture, mostly your business/brand logo

The next step is to upload a cover photo related to your business. A cover photo could be a video introduction to your services. It can also highlight the basic list of services you have to offer.

upload cover photo related to your brand business

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That’s all. You have successfully created an online social presence for your brand or business. You can start off by inviting a few of your friends. Friends and Family are great sources of recommendations….!!!


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