How to create Company Page on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is one of the best professional social media platforms where you can find great professional services are per your needs or sell your professional services to your clients.  To create your Company/Business presence on LinkedIn you will need to create a Company Page on LinkedIn. You might be wondering how to create Company Page on LinkedIn.

In this article, we will guide you step by step how you can set up your professional page on LinkedIn.

Follow this Link and you will land on the following page as shown below.


Select the type of page you would like to create as per your needs. I will go with an option of Small Business. Click on any of the options as you like to proceed.

Provide the Details of your Page that includes, Page Name and link to your company’s website. The public URL for your page is generated based on your page name. But you can always change it as per your needs.


Provide your company details as follow. Choose Industry Type, Company Size and Company Type as shown.


Select your Business Logo and your Business Tagline.  Click on the checkbox to verify that you are the official representative of this company and click on Create Page. profile-details-linkedin-company-page

and that it……!! You are all done. You have successfully created your Company Page on LinkedIn. Now you can add any additional information, Upload the cover photo, or add page description.


Since this is your new company page, you might be looking for the page audience. You can share this page on other social profiles to gain an audience.

Great News..!!  You can also Advertise on LinkedIn to attract the most selected audience for your Page. You can learn here on How To Run Ads On LinkedIn For Your Company Page.

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