Understanding Facebook Ads Campaign

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Understanding how to power up your Facebook Ads, is now becoming the most important part of every social media strategy. Selecting the right type of Facebook advert  will greatly affect how your advertisement performs over Facebook.

Before beginning you have to think what the point of your Facebook Ad is. It maybe that you might be looking for website traffic, video views, you might want to have your app installs, generating the leads or maybe something else.

For better understanding, Facebook has created three different stages that could help you plan your objectives which are

  • Awareness
  • Considertation
  • Conversion

In this article we will go through all of these three stages and understand what do they mean and where we can use them.

Awareness Objectives:

The very first steps are related to the awareness, which helps to generate people’s interest in your product or services. There are two ad units in awareness objectives while similar there is profound difference.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach

Lets talk about the purpose of these two campaign sets.

Brand Awareness:

Using this objective, you are able to grab interest of more audience for your brand. This is done be creating a very optimised campaign to target the audience who might get engaged with your ad, thus maximazing your brand life. If your goal is to create an awareness of your brand to most likely audience then it might be a good objective you use.


This objective concentrates on achieving the biggest number of audience within your budget and allows you to handle how frequent ads shows up. With increased impressions on your ads, you can rapidly show your promotions to largest number of people. If your goal is just to increase your impressions, this might be a good option to go with.


Consideration Objectives

The core purpose of this objective is to make people start thinking about your services and find out more information about it. Many of the objectives here might also be used with initial awareness campaigns. Following the campaign sets you can use in consideration objectives.

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation

Lets talk about these campaigns one by one.


When we talk about the traffic in terms of technology, traffics means the total number of users who visits your website or links on daily basis. Facebook helps you to generate more traffics for any destination on or off Facebook. This is done by enhancing your promotions with a link to your destination on or off Facebook. If your aim to redirect people to any of your websites, products, events, downloads, lead forms or any other place on Facebook, it can be on the most optimised option to use.


You have a Facebook page, and you are looking for more people to engage with your facebook page in terms of likes, comments, shares, event response? If yes, so this could be most optimized option available to use. Facebook automatically optimize your ads to find people who might take those actions you have chosen.

App Installs:

Are you an App Developer? Do you have a mobile app that you want people to download?  In that case this objective can be good option to go with. The promotion you make will be connected to a suitable store where individuals would have the capacity to download your application.

Video Views:

This objective helps you get more people view your video content. Video content can be used on both Instagram and Facebook. You are additionally able to figure out number of people who are viewing your recordings as a rate (25%, half, 75%, 100%)

Since these videos are played automatically on Facebook & Insta, you need to be sure you are following a good video marketing strategy.

Lead Generation:

This objective provides you with an opportunity to run an ad where you are able to collect people information directly on Facebook. The advert will go through a lead form within the facebook where people would be able to fill in information, most of the form will be pre-populated.



Conversion Objective

So now that you got enough interested people, you might be interested in encouraging that group of audience to purchase or use your product or service. Following are the set of campaigns that are used in conversion objectives.

  • Conversions
  • Product catalog sale
  • Store visits.

Lets talk about these three objectives one by one


Here we aim to reach the set of audience who will take specific actions on your website or an app. This campaign requires to first integrate Facebook Pixels onto your website, one of the ways to measure conversions. This can be your custom conversions or standard Facebook conversions. Facebook then optimize by finding the audience who would likely to complete conversions.

Product Catalog Sale:

Here you can create dynamic ads that could pickup products from you website. For this purpose you need to have your product catalog feed setup. This features helps you enable your ad to stay up-to-date with latest products details on your website allowing you to retarget people depending upon what products they have viewed. This can be only useful if you have ecommerce store and you want to run promotions on a large scale.

Store Visits:

This objectives works similar to reach objective. You create a campaign linked to your Facebook page and you will be able to create ads to reach people within a specified distance of your business. This is only useful when you want maximum people to reach within certain limit of your business.

Thats all folks! You have it, the basic idea of all set of campaigns. Just remember, before you start, have a clear image in mind for what purpose you are going to advertise.

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