When it comes to Techie stuff, you might be at risk when you don’t find what you are looking for. At Devs Meme we provide with tailored content that is interesting, engaging educational and fresh that doesn’t make you feel turned off & fits your needs.

Software Application Developers

Our goal is to provide software developer an easier way to learn about the software development methodologies for different markets that include Android, iOS, Azure, Databases, Web App etc.

Social Media Marketers or Advertisers

We help social media marketers on how they can use to the social media platforms to run Facebook advertising, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn advertising and LinkedIn business pages.


We also provide content for new freelancers where they understand how to do a job search online, work from home or part-time jobs. Work from home or part-time jobs is becoming trending these days. Being a freelancer you need to know the best freelancing websites. We help you to provide the list of best freelance websites where you can find the freelance jobs to enhance your career doing work from home.


Startups are becoming a major part of the industry these days. We have seen many small scale startup growing to a million dollar company.  We provide news related to different startup events around the world and startup accelerators that could help grow your business.

We always try to provide our audience with a tailored content that is interesting, engaging, educational and fresh that does not makes you feel turned off and fits your need. The new website is interactive and gives better access to the content that is well organized than before. Our current and prospective clients will find useful information about our services and recent productions on the Services Page.
As the website has some new features, top of the lines it has social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for improved communication with our clients. We will always be updating content with helpful information, articles, blog and client successes in the testimonials section.
We hope you will find our new website interesting as we worked hard to make sure it contains valuable information you need.


Devs Meme is subsidiary of Code Array the Software Development Company from Pakistan. If you are looking to hire some great software application developers for Mobile Applications, getting yourself a Website, planning to start an e-commerce store, looking for search engine optimization services or the social media marketing services, whether its a graphics design task or UI/UX design project, you can always drop us an email at info@devesmeme.com. or you can write directly at info@codearray.org

You can visit Code Array online at the following link

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